SEX TAPE (Or My Response to Our Morbidly Underdeveloped Sex Education)


Introduction 01:43
Tadow! See More than you want now Flow exposed know no bounds of a dope style Give ya what ya want what ya need when it compound See on grand scope and let it go wild Many colors many views you can know now Keep it all in perspective like “oh wow” Intimate – control breath like vedic sex into it – craftin’ the blatant text in your ipod, repeatin’ like a mantra sound symmetry composed like a tantra bowdown, bend backwards and what not imagination; foundation of what’s hot it ain’t weird it’s natural have a ball - have two - be casual laugh a bit, in the dark or candle lit passionate, gotta have you - adamant with the lights on, with your tights on see more do it now with the mic on lounge relax - in a funk? baby bounce back smile wide Nye provide the Soundtrack (sextape) mixtape display another POV let your hips sway to the lip spray like ocean tide close your eyes/ open wide/ push hard with an open mind ya never know just what you’ll find when you let a little trust inside let loose, let it be, let go live full, learn love and glow alotta heart, 'lotta soul, a good head combined with the right partner and good head you don’t know? when it’s real, it’s important I’ll put it out, I don’t care who knows it
Hey girl, what you doin' with that fool? Kickin' it with a hard rock when you could be with a jewel And I'm not saying you're the one for me, But From what I can see, they lookin dumb to me they might look good but nothins underneath Spittin' empty raps and pumpin up the beat "It kinda sounds good" ain't enough for me If you're trying to get the digits, make the sum complete I'm sayin' though, this is beyond belief these blowhards out here sun competin' But if you know the story, warmth is undefeated But the wind makes you hold on to what is needed, now Guess who the sun, with the wonderful rhymes both raw and refined, Yes he’s a one of a kind And with nothing to hide, shinin’, warming you up So you can leave behind those rappers that are boring as fuck This ain’t a pick up line this ain’t a come on When rappers spit that game you be like “come on” With all of that wack shit, get off it Step off your playlist so SEE can get it poppin’ This ain’t a come on, ain’t a pick up line But you deserve better rap, your mind is fine Eyes in the light of my rhymes shine divine Get off the rap fast food, let’s wine and dine This is some flavor in your ear like the oil let it drizzle Earlobe to neck and down spine take a nibble The heat’s turnin’ up, let it simmer, hear the sizzle Be-neath the moon gettin' lost in the mizzle Producin’ funk like sweat in the humidity We up front ain’t got time for humility But never trade talent for swag, and stupidity Never trade passionate craft for cupidity taste the red velvet, that is smooth on your tongue Let it move around til the meltin's begun And it explodes to your core to the depth takes a plunge Quotes so dope that your mouth will be numb This ain’t a pick up line this ain’t a come on When rappers spit that game you be like “come on” With all of that wack shit, get off it Step off your playlist so SEE can get it poppin’
Asshole Boss 03:02
Now to get what you want, you gotta know what you like and to know what you need, to be without a night or day, or a week or a… get what I’m sayin’? more beauty in the skies once the clouds stop rainin’ to know what you deserve, you gotta know what your worth the worthwhile’s inside, ain’t gotta go on a search ain’t gonna find it in love, ain’t gonna find it in church what you find behind your eyes; it’s where you gotta look first check it out, I got a story for ya The scene opens Workers outside smokin’ Boss on his way inside, eyes scopin’ Ladies on the rise, tryin’ to keep they smiles golden He takes it the wrong and thinks the sign says open guys in the workplace tryin’ to hide they hurt face Tryin’ to figure why they took the job in the first place the women too_ hidden but it’s true The only time they let a cry… is in the swimmin’ pool “It’s just the chlorine” - you see the bull like taurine they have dreams under ground, not soaring now bring it back, you gotta know what you’re worth or you’ll be taken for bizarre rides goin’ berserk now you gotta be wonderin’, “why’s this song on a sextape?” talkin’ ‘bout jobs, wrong turns people can make so whether at a job, politics or relationships you gotta see when you’re getting’ fucked…so why you takin’ it now… that sample’s just a manner of speaking, not that any way an individual chooses to enjoy they’re sexuality is wrong. unless, of course, it’s down right dangerous, unconsented, or a case of indecent exposure so really, you gotta know what’s healthy, too. Have fun, but take care of yourself. Just be safe and responsible, and it’s all good. But back to the boss tryin’ to take a smile the wrong way Getting’ mad confused as if women dressed in cosplay Meant it gave ‘em access to brushes in the hallway Little does he know that it’s about to blow like pompei It’s all fair play and some innocent jokes Until you realize the weight of the bitter invoked by the magnitude of attitude that said it inappropes and the repercussions that’l have your back against the ropes, now women, I understand when you’re tryin’ to scrape by and your boss has the power so you let ‘em just skate by but girl you ain’t alone, know you got us on stand bye so cut out the fools who will watch and stand bye maybe job’s on the line, but so is their livelihood it’s time we let ‘em know in certain terms like, now are we good? Cuz if we’re not we can go about two ways Get the law involved or bring the light on your true face
Sex will be televised You ain’t gotta analyze It ain’t hard to identify It’s a rule handed down and we don’t defy And if you look you’ll find it’s contributin’ to genocide It’s on the radio and airwaves It’s in the static when your hair raise It goes straight to the back of your brain if you don’t intercept only a keystroke away on the internet It ain’t speakin’ to your better judgment Deep in our psychology and callin’ out from dungeons And it isn’t wrong, but it’s just locked up So the message is askew and that’s just fucked up I said it isn’t wrong, but it’s just locked up So the message is askew and that’s just fucked up Sex will be televised In the air centralized In your set emphasized In the story specified Specialized til it suits and you recognize Mechanized til we accept it and desensitize It’s in your hair and your hair gel And It’s in the air if you care to if you prepare well Some people need to feel it just to feel alive You’ll find it in bold letters and in between the lines doesn’t matter the subject it’s in the subtext On repeat til it’s memorized, what’s next forced down your throat as you’re asked not to swallow up to your eyes as you’ll told not to wallow sex will be televised sex will be televised sex will be televised sex will be televised it turns to the left, counter clockwork orange it’s regret in the morn, it’s a nocturne scorned it’s a fuse in our timeline, passin’ in silence bombs goin’ off, slow motion beside us desperation for connection wet lips on a screen a tongue in a mind chokes throat with it’s screams it’s never good enough, it’s better, it’s the best it’s the first one, that’s believed in the chest it’s a putdown, it’s a foot on the neck it’s a weight in your gut, it’s a kick in the back it’s too small, too fat, too tall, too skinny it ain’t what it is when it is what it’s really it is what it isn’t cuz it’s sick and abused I said it ain’t what it is cuz it’s sick and confused sex will be televised sex will be televised sex will be televised sex will be televised
Our Love 01:56
In the dark a spark illuminates visions of pleasure Seein' through touch cuz imagination's better the wet of the sweat and the breath and the salivation reachin' for somethin' deep in the other like it's salvation explore thorough night moves like El Zorro and if we don't wanna get it in, we can go oral or go solo whatever's honest, go for it many ways to love as a woman as a man as gender neutral pan-sexual or trans we're all beautiful we all deserve love we all get warm and got somethin' to rub we all love a kiss, maybe slips of the tongue Hearts that beat fast, air that rush in our lungs but if you repress it doesn't mean what we express is somethin' of a mess for you to go contest OUR LOVE
Funny Bone 02:53
There's so much to say, to address about the topic so much to explore, to express to be honest sometimes it's a comic, and others it's a sonnet sometimes its garage rock songs in the moshpit cut to an afternoon tryst on valentines after blowin' kisses through some raw rap ballad rhymes messages received to secure plans after nine residue’s on your smirk like the juice of a clementine all day text like "would you be mine?" we could be so fine, I could step into those knee highs moments so good you're gonna wish that you could rewind plus you know my behind is sweeter than a beehive puttin' in work 'til we sticky like a honeycomb we gettin' prairie in our little fuzzy bunny zone on some belly bump thumper, gettin’ little tummies toned you see the sparks fly, friction from the funny bone yeah, I just said that, and now we’re laughin’ kissin’ through the gigglin’, that’s attraction accidentally brush on your ticklish spot I couldn’t this comin’, gettin’ kicked in the crotch So now, I’m the floor and you’re concerned both tryin’ not to laugh, and my ego’s burned But basically I’m fine so we get back to it It’s amazing how move back and forth so fluid so much to say, to address about the topic much to explore, to express to be honest Sometimes a love song, and others it’s a comic And sometimes it’s so fun that you would be astonished whenever you see a love scene it's always like, mad serious like it's not even a love scene, it's two people training for the boxing match of their life or some shit I mean, they're not even enjoying themselves, like they're not even *supposed to* like sex was always meant to be a solemn act. yo...awkward shit happens, it's a fact of life and we just gotta face it, can't be actin' like humans don't have silly thoughts or have gas learn to roll with it, baby, now that's a blast awkward sounds and ridiculous faces there can be so much in them intimate spaces and you would swear that it couldn't fit but it does everything that is real every thing that is us it ain't gotta be romantic, but you gotta have love But you'll never even touch it if you can't have trust it ain't gotta be romantic, it can be pure lust But you'll never scratch the surface if you can't have trust You're in the moment and the cat comes up plops on your leg, like “That’s wassup” Lost in layers that you let unfold And straight outta nowhere, you let one go Things are getting heated as your heart beats clang Lift your head for a kiss and your front teeth clang on the edge of the bed, with your toes on the wall Tryin’ to hold on one more…damn you fall so much to say, to express what’s happened too much to explore or convey through rappin’ Sometimes a love song, other’s it’s a caption And sometimes it’s so fun you can’t stop laughin’
What up though? I’m just a dude on the grind Tryin’ to find time in my mind to unwind When I’m off the clock I wanna to make it count This bit of time is mine, man that’s just what I’m about Throw back shots talk a little shit and what not Never “PC” don’t give a damn about what some thought But even on the street in the middle of the week You know I’m lettin’ loose, tryin’ to holler at these freaks Wait, what? These who? What’d you say, dude? Man, I’m way confused, can you try to explain fool? I mean, I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’ These girls are on the field and I’m out here playin’ So what you getting’ at? They all fair game? Players on a field with numbers and no names? Well kinda… - Or worse they just equipment? Put ‘em on, take ‘em out, take ‘em off , this isn’t… Raising any questions as you say this? I mean, you’re a whole person, more than blanket statements Come on man, women be on the same shit we all slaves to media, all taught by the same whip When’s the first time that you saw your first porn tape? I’m willing to bet that it was well before your first date So? - So your point of view was tainted did you see a healthy situation when the scene slated? _ and I’m not sayin’ it’s all bad but the majority depicts a dynamic that’s not rad aggression of a man, women worshippin’ the schlong how’s that good for anyone, you see how this is wrong? they doin’ what they do, - man, you know what I mean what’s in the messages of all those little scenes? No personality, reality, no human connection How can anyone watch those and still get an erection? SEE, you think too much - And do you think enough? Where’d you get the notion that uninvited touch or unwanted attention, unreciprocated lust was somethin’ you have rights to, not worthy to discuss I’m just havin’ a little fun, no harm no foul But the male gaze watches over all like an owl What are you even talkin’ ‘bout? Bro, you really lost me women dealin’ daily with some bullshit that is costly treated as objects for men’s sexual fanatasies turned into females the idea of woman atrophies females and bitches and worse, become dehumanized more violence more rape and now our minds are colonized really? Now we’re talking colonization? I’m sayin’ we’re taught male dominance in male dominant nations We’re taught through the media, taught through subjugation Taught to say some dumb shit, not question what we’re sayin’ We’re taught to keep the right type of people at the top It’s historically obvious, so tell me why it’d stop? Well…wow, uh- Right, now what? Let’s question what digested through media constructs Break the cycles of socialization and disrupt And when someone says somethin’ off, take the chance to interrupt
let me get down to it with how I flip the flow don’t wanna tippy toe around the mistletoe get with go get it flow with it soul rhythms given with the pole position probin’ pistons hit on all cylindric missions mystic visions blossom when I’m in and twistin’ feel explicit blisses that are so fulfillin’ such a soulful feelin’ all in your solar system explosive isn’t it? I can’t hold it in when your gasps match the grasp of them golden linens a moment instant that shows insistence of your whole disposition through your moans and whispers that I own this instant grown to fit in drive each other ‘til we go ballistic oh’s keep slippin’ from your oh so rosy liquid lips with indentions from the bites you take when it’s just so terrific holy shit it’s totally wicked but blessed like we won the golden ticket! but it’s a slow build to that mole hill we climb like a mountain but with no skill no knowledge _ of how to climb up on it we ain’t taught correctly so were astonished to learn what we learn when we learn about the process of basic human contents as if it was really complex it’s nonsense but ain’t no small jest to muck with chemistry of survival that’s all inside you clawin’ out to find you in a situation that’ll surprise you we all been there with heart at a slow purr someone puckers up and the whole globe blurs and maybe it’s addicting, and maybe it’s disgusting and maybe better yet it is a moment you were trusting or maybe it’s just too soon but later on the bluest moon you too knew the clues to why the crooners croon and maybe it’s for real, and maybe it’s a fling maybe it’s a nest made up of little twigs and strings maybe it’s a rope or maybe there’s no threads whatever you wanna make it, do ya thing, go ahead girl you ain’t wrong for feelin’ feelin’s you get as long as you’re bein’ healthy and in the mornin’ don’t regret as long as there’s protection, go ahead undress as long as it’s agreed, as long as there’s a yes you hearin’ up, dude? there ain’t a thing you can expect no matter what she’s wearin’, a simple question don’t neglect it ain’t that complicated, it don’t take great intellect to comprehend the message that was written in this text spit over the beat about the beauty that is sex but it ain’t for everyone, some ain’t ready, not yet so be patient youngin’, take your time, ain’t no rush and if they pushin’ too hard, let ‘em know eat your dust
And We Out 00:56


The Sex Positive hip hop album you didn't know you were waiting for.

Like many revolutionary acts, it started with a ridiculous idea. See More’s brother, producer Nye, made a folder full of beats sampling 1970’s pornos and suggested that See More write dirty sex raps over them.

And with that, See More Perspective, best known for his upbeat, positive, politically-and-culturally-conscious classicist hip hop, knew what he had to do.

Mixing the offbeat irreverence of the original concept with his own progressive, inclusive, sex-positive philosophy, See More crafted a subversive concept album that is equal parts funky, funny and feminist, tackling serious issues and concepts like consent, safe sex, and objectification with a sharp wit, unrelenting humanity, and one of the most agile tongues in the Twin Cities hip hop scene… so to speak.

SEX TAPE also features sex educators and activists like Alicia Steele and Kaoz shedding light on the issues, blending seamlessly into the 20 minute flow of boom bap instrumentals (provided by Nye), scratches (provided by Ganzobean), and See More himself-- still one of the most insightful, underrated, and unique voices in indie hip hop.

The album’s dedication is telling: “This is dedicated to my niece and everyone who finds sex in the media at a young age without any parallel education.” SEX TAPE would be a unique accomplishment even if it were nothing more than a sex-positive rap project, but it ends up being much more than the sum of its parts. This is about how art can integrate education and entertainment, how hip hop can be a space to open ourselves up and have real conversations about real issues, and how we can understand sex --and love-- in ways that acknowledge and celebrate our humanity, both individually and collectively.


released June 16, 2015

Beats Produced by Nye
Scratches by Ganzobean
Artwork by Kahlil Brewington
Mastered at Lo/Ro Sound, Chicago
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE
Guests appear courtesy of they own life decisions

This is dedicated to my niece and everyone who finds sex in the media at a young age without any parallel education.

Special Thanks to: Sarah Napoli-Rangel, Aquil Charlton, Kahlil Brewington, Justin Dawson and Guante for helping me make sense of this concept. To Alicia Steele and Kaoz for being such thoughtful and gracious guest speakers. To Daniel Rangel, who pushed me with a concept that challenged me to SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE.


all rights reserved



SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE Saint Paul, Minnesota

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is a Xincanx MC, Producer, Spoken Word Poet, and Social Justice Educator. His work explores mythology, science fiction, spirituality, and the paranormal. Find SEE MORE in a cypher or a seance, pushing conversations about social justice, singing for strangers in a living room, or sharing culture, tradition, and craft in a classroom. ... more

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