The Environment (Political Climate Crisis)


The Environment (Political Climate Crisis) take a deep breath in, choke on the toxins don't regulate the waste, there's no option but opt-in so when the sickly river oil slicks, just walk in; out of your front door, into no oxygen poison has rights, toolet it into your bloodstream politely smile backas it kills with a smug grin cuz all the mud and grime's just somethin' to get used to if you don't wanna choose truth, you can get used, too I'm sure you'd just as soon assume the gloom and doom as groom the plumes of the skewed and putrid fumes their wretched wings span the skyline as long as their yours, your response is "well, mine's fine" so "namaste", "peace", and "ubuntu" but ain't none of it fair, and ain't nothin' you can do, fool The culture is the air and the air is the miasma. The whiteness is killing us, but you're calling it asthma. The culture is the air and the air is the contagion; whiteness is killing, casual and guns blazin'. I'm seein' students in a class, coughin' and sneezin' makin' each other sick but we ain't offerin' treatment we're so down on healthcare, but all for policin’ and if we talk about the subject, it's far from the reasons far from root causes, far from ground zero a far cry from justice resounds from down below cancer's just rampant in some areas, right? maybe it's the culture, just their way of life that's the shit you hear, when there's no accountability we're not about the victims, but we're all about the infantry comin' in to quarantine when there's an outbreak but who gets the medicine when no one who is brown's safe? it must be somethin' in our genes, somethin' in our race that keeps us getting sick, that keeps us in a state but race is only real as a construct that is laced in magazines, in news, in a trusted white face in a place, in a case where a culture is inhabited by people trustin' in the law, more than law of averages trustin' news outlets more than people who were there trustin' news from sources who make money off of scares beyond compare, it's all but fair, allin the air we're steeped in the disease, but all we gotta do is care so we can learn so we can teach to get it in the mainstream to get the sickness from our stare and getting' all our brain's clean The culture is the air and the air is the miasma.Your whiteness is killing me, but you're calling it asthma.The culture is the air and the air is the contagion;whiteness is killing; casual and guns blazin'.


Here's a song from the forthcoming LP with producer David KelseyBasset (aka The Rube). I wrote it 5 or 6 years ago and it never found a home until recently. It felt too relevant not to remix this with Dave, include it on our new album, and release it as a single. It plays with the metaphor of specific aspects of culture as a disease or virus, and how it is talked about by media and government, who's affected the most, and how it spreads. It's both a metaphor and not, especially now.


released July 3, 2020

Music by Dave KelseyBasset
Edgar Allen Poe Dameron logo by Dave KelseyBasset
Lyrics written, performed, and recorded by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE
Cover photo and design by SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE


all rights reserved



SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE Saint Paul, Minnesota

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE is a Xincanx MC, Producer, Spoken Word Poet, and Social Justice Educator. His work explores mythology, science fiction, spirituality, and the paranormal. Find SEE MORE in a cypher or a seance, pushing conversations about social justice, singing for strangers in a living room, or sharing culture, tradition, and craft in a classroom. ... more

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