Chupacabra Cadre




The chupacabra cadre
Clamber down the skyway
laser site on my way
they’re catchin’ up but caught the bait
meanwhile, a mile away
in a calmer state I’m on the case
‘n’ contemplate what it’ll prolly take
To finally make the bottom break
focus like I’m pai me
Slicker than some pomade
Juice flow fresh (while they package it from concentrate)

Drop down the alleyways, slip past the watch bots
Brim low on tip toes til I hop out to the crosswalk
play hopscotch on the thought cops and dodge shots with a pop-lock
when it’s poppin’ off like pop rocks or the paparazzi when the alarm goes off
honest to god, I wish ‘em well like paramahansa
even when I turn ‘em all cole slaw
it is so wrong, but makes me grin, it is so raw
gun clappers pause – make ‘em hold their applause
…with the truth pourin’ outta my jaws
…and the sword in my robotic claw
Hold on… did I just see what I thought I saw?

As he fends off attacks from the chainsaw-handed fire-eyed peace droids
SEE MORE EYE JACK casts a glance to his left, sensing a movement in the shadows
A density…a bubbling over of sinew and malintent
That leaps into the conflict

These shadows have weight
Their absence takes space
They grapple and they grate
With they hands in every place
Technology upgraded
soul suction integrated
In their fingers nickel plated
Where the sense of touch is simulated
I can smell the presence of the souls of the oppressed
In they aura, on their breath
Drawn to my fist when it is clenched
Reduced to adumbration, with the shadow I am drenched
life and death - I’m on the fence
facing demons that possess

I am creative, critical, a threat
Voice of the voiceless and voice of the dissent
I’m on a mission to uplift yes I am sent
SEE MORE EYE JACK, muhfuckaz get bent


from SEE MORE EYE JACK, released April 27, 2017



all rights reserved



Twin Cities Native, Chicago transplant, Lyricist, Poet, Award Winning Producer, all around artist and one hell of a cook. SEE MORE's style is clever, soulful and funky. Speaking on subjects from Ancient pyramids and Hip Hop history to Dia de Los Muertos and Intergalactic Robot love stories, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE leaves the listener with something to think about, over over lush musical soundscapes. ... more

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