for the minions




I got a mean streak for they space ship
I’m michelangelo with magnum for a face lift
emblazon a display of the name that they playin’ with
put a fat cap to they face, shit
Aku’s henchmen and his meddlin’ minions
Can’t call ‘em a cog, when they hardly a pinion
_You wanna take up space in my dominion?
give me the facts, I give a fuck for opinions
I’m not sayin’ moms soup ain’t the bomb
I’m sayin’ don’t call it a jest when you know that it’s wrong
I’m sayin’ don’t call it defense when you’re droppin’ a bomb
And acknowledge that it’s terror when you’re droppin’ the bombs, yo
I’m droppin’ bombs, tags, and pieces
It’s counter terror, counter what police is
It’s counter nonsense, and counter to the narrative
Counter to what’s makin’ united states an embarrassment
A counter strike like a blow from the bowlin’ pins
Not to the ball, but establishment that’s ownin’ it
…and yo they rentin’ it out
All they’ve been repressin’, yo, they lettin’ it out
Unleashed upon those that seek to bond
And overthrow the systems manufacturin’ pawns

the cold plots of the robots throw cold cocks at the whole flock
of the know nots til their own knots grow soul rot as a home-grown crop
old slow cops slow row of whole block don’t know lots like we won’t fold pops
spring load til it goes pop, keep stirrin’ cream - foam float to the top and it don’t stop
and we won’t quit…not as long as our mouths keep on openin’
no we won’t stop, and we’ll never quit….not with the art, not with penmanship
not with community and activists, not with the militants and pacifists
not with our voices and fists raised up, literal or figurative let’s show ‘em what we made of


from SEE MORE EYE JACK, released April 27, 2017



all rights reserved



Twin Cities Native, Chicago transplant, Lyricist, Poet, Award Winning Producer, all around artist and one hell of a cook. SEE MORE's style is clever, soulful and funky. Speaking on subjects from Ancient pyramids and Hip Hop history to Dia de Los Muertos and Intergalactic Robot love stories, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE leaves the listener with something to think about, over over lush musical soundscapes. ... more

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